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Thank you senate Republicans. According to U.S. code, when I submitted Senator Lautenburg's letter ( telling me to contact Yeshiva University directly, not harassment) court proceeding, the seated council must comply and maintain my letter and all other public related material including my blogs as legal research files and make them available to general public thereby protecting myself and others from our corrupt court wherein false records deliberately create the wholesale omission of documents.

Note: Even though wounded, I can walk faster on sand than you can run. In fact walking on sand was training for long distance runners.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday,10/2/10, I asked Dr. Pellow to please list the delusional beliefs you think I have - I can't, I don'tknow.

From Mr. Cox, security laision officer at the Pentagon 703 571 8791 " no terrorists threats" " Never got a phone call".

Dr. Jelnov lied when he said I was a terrorist treat.

Psychiatrists who make up stories are dangerous to others must be reported to the licensing board to have their license revoked

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No excuse mistakes

Lidya Radin
No excuse mistakes.
For Debra Simon,prosecutor,Hudson County Prosecutors Office: From covering-up Federal Student Loan Fraud to attempted murder-premeditated.Brief summary, followed by details:
Question: What is the proof that Dr. Jelnov threatened you? and acted on his threats?.
Answer: He created a false medical record.

Jelnov omitted Hausknecht's 7/29/08 exam that found I had no mental illness; he omitted Hausknecht's 9/30/08 exam that found I had no mental illness; he diagnosed me as "delusional" claiming I had the false belief that there was contact between my landlord tenant case in Jersey City and my federal case(s) in N.Y.
There are! A number of different ways, including admissions by Jersey city Medical Center and information I shared with my landlord since February 2007.
Aric Hausknecht, MD, board certified in Psychiatry, Neurology, and Pain management.
7/10/08 Judge Nesle Rodriquez refused to put "no-contact" order in writing, again.
7/29/08-Hausknecht-I am not mentally ill.
7/30/08-Judge Rodriquez refused to put "no-contact" order in writing again.
Late July 08 Robert Cross and I testify against landlords and Falcone.
Early August 2008- Landlords violate "no contact" order.Court refused to take my complaint, police refused to protect, Judge Rodriquez refused to enforce her order.
9/12/08 I hand-billed, Judge Nesle Rodriquez is embarassed.
9/12/08 Stacy Dix-Kielbiowski created a false medical record.
9/30/08-4pm Panic phone call from my family, Jersey City Medical Center is still harassing me.
9/30/08-4pm picked up certification from Patrick Williams- called Dr. Lambert to cancel pain management appointment.
9/30/08 4-5pm calls to Jersey City and Falcone's office- why are you all harassing my family?.
9/30/08-5-7pm Robert Cross and I went to police station in Jersey City, talked to the police officer who came to my apartment that day. I was not in a manic state.
Please leave me and my family alone. Police tell me they don't know whats going on.
I should talk to Jersey City Medical Center; police say,go talk to your landlords too.
7pm- Robert Cross and I arrive at Jersey City Med. Ctr. before we are in Stewart's ER.
9/30/08 to 10/3/08 Jersey City Medical Ctr. created a false medical record, falsely imprisoned me, almost murdered me, false imprisonment, witness tampering (witness tampering is a class e felony in N.Y. Fraud was used to try and bill me and medicaid for 15,000.
10/1/08-There was no eviction
10/22/08-I moved to New York City. Dan Carrow's statement that I moved in on 10/1/08 is a false statement, an attempt to cover -up for Nino Falcone's crimes, by creating a false record in New York.

Brief summary continued.
9/18/08 Asaf Rosenheim called John Scarfone, associate general council, Yeshiva University thereby discrediting Dr. Jelnov, irrefutably, there is direct contact between my landlord tenant case in Jersey City and my federal Case in New York.(I testified against Asaf Rosenheim twice).
Sunday, 9/22/08-Trip to Ft Knox.
Monday 9/22/08- Meeting with Col. Kevin C. Reilly at Ft.Knox.
I passed through security, made phone calls, have receipts, ample hard evidence plus witnesses.
Tuesday 9/23/08-Went to Washington DC. I was not at John Scarfone's house in New York, I was at the Pentagon.
Wednesday-9/24/08-I was back in Jersey City, and got a phone call from the Pentagon, they told me put as much as you can on the Internet, for everyone to see.
Thursday 9/25/08- I won against my landlords.
9/24/08 to 9/30/08 Stacy Dix-Kielbiowski refused to return phone calls, but she sends people to my home to harass- check phone records.
Friday, 9/26/08 I went with Robert Cross to Jersey City Med. Ctr., talked to Dr. Chang- Dr. Chang, please leave me and my family alone- stop sending your employees to my home to frighten my family with false information.
Tuesday, 9/30/08 10 am to noon, Saw, Dr. Hausknecht, I am not "manic" Stewart Lied later that day.
9/30/08-noon-talked to Patrick Williams; he was willing to give me a certification at 4pm..
This is for Debra Simon, Hudson County Prosecutor's office.
Litigation points, as follows:
Question: What is the proof that Dr. Jelnov threatened you? and acted on his threats?
Answer: His conduct, he created a false medical record..
Dr. Hauskneckt faxed my medical records to JCMC during my false imprisonment from 9/30/08 to 10/3/08.
We know that Dr. Jelnov got the fax because in my medical records at JCMC, he used the words "cervical impairment". JCMC did no tests to confirm my spinal injuries.

Dr. Jelnov deliberately omitted the medical status exam that Dr. Hausknecket performed on 7/29/08 that found no thought disorders, psychosis, no schizophrenia and no mood disorders (no bipolar illness).
Dr. deliberately ommitted the fact that I talked to Dr. Hausknecket in the morning on 9/30/08. I talked to Dr. Lambert's office about 4 pm on 9/30/08, and I talked to Patrick Williams about 4 pm on 9/30/08, after I talked to him earlier om 9/30/08. I was not in a manic state. see page 2a.
(2a) Dr. Jelnov tried to diagnose me as "delusional" claiming that I had the false belief that there was contact between my landlord tenant case in Jersey City and my federal cases in New York
There is !
Scarfone swore in his affidavit that he spoke to Asaf Rosenheim on 9/18/08 days before my false imprisonment on 9/30/08, in this case, docket no. 2009-NY-048859.
Stacy Dix-Kielbiowski admitted to contact with my medical school too.
My medical records at JCMC, her professors from Einstein thought she should have a psychiatric exam; this was on 9/30/08. I did. On 7/29/08, that found I was not mentally ill, Dix never discussed this with me.
I talked to Stacy Dix- Kielbiowski on 9/12/08. She did not ask about this and she deliberately created a false screening document by omitting all evidence that I showed her about how Einstein had committed Federal Student Loan fraud.
My Mother and Bob Cross were not in the room with me on 9/12/08. My Mother was at home in my apartment in Jersey City. There was no room , Stacy Dix-Kielbiowski talked to me outside the court room on 9/12/08. Robert Cross and I sat on benches out side the court room on 9/12/08 to talk to Stacy Dix-Kielbiowski. My Mother was not there. She was home in my apartment in Jersey city.
I hand-billed the court that day to inform the community that Judge Rodriquez was a dishonest Judge who refused to enforce a "no contact" order during early August 2008, because if she had, Judge Fast could have never made a ruling for my landlords in another court. It is impossible to negotiate in good faith with land lords who violate a "no-contact" order repeatedly.

Michael Stewart Lied!
First, he claimed he had the "right" to hold me based on "history at JCMC.
After I demonstrated that history was fraud, and posted on the internet, to protect my life,Stewart changed his story to say he had the "right" to hold me because he claimed I was in a "manic"state" in his ER on 9/30/08, after a physical attack. I was physically assaulted before we were in Stewart's ER. Robert Cross mis-spoke when he testified in front of the Hudson County Freeholder's meeting. Because I was compelled to question him very quickly. We only had 5 minutes to place the facts on the record to protect our lives, so I had to question him fast.
Weather or not I was in a "manic state" is irrelevant.
Stewart does not have the "right" to hold anyone unless he can demonstrate that person is an immediate danger to himself or others. He could not.
Dr. Jelnov with criminal intent, created a false medical record at JCMC by deliberately omitting Dr. Hausknecket's 7/29/08 mental status exam that found I was not mentally ill, and by deliberately omitting Dr. Hausknecket's exam on 9/30/08, again performed in the morning on 9/30/08 that found I was not mentally ill, and by deliberately omitting the fact that I spoke with Dr. Lambert's office and Patrick Williams about 4pm and again, there was no evidence that I was in a "manic state", I spoke to a number of people from 4pm to 5pm trying to get a straight answer about why JCMC was sending mental health workers to my home at 4pm on 9/30/08 to frighten my family by telling them there would be a pad-lock put the very next day on my door and my belongings would be thrown into the street including evidence the protected me from Judge Nino Falcone. I called Falcone's office between4pm and 5pm on 9/30/08 and could not get a straight answer.

There was no eviction for 10/1/08; Falcone lied to Stacy Dix-Kielbiowski.
I won against my landlords on Thursday,9/25/08; there was no eviction. Judge Fast gave me the waiver to hand-deliver to the landlords and their lawyer who had a copy on that date too.
JCMC was not "helping me through an eviction"; there was no eviction the landlords and their attorney had Judge Fast's waiver- they lied to JCMC.JCMC did not check the facts with me.
JCMC almost murdered me (Debra Simon has premeditated attempted murder).
They studied my behavior on Thursday, 9/25/08 and Friday 9/26/08 and they knew that if they sent mental health workers to my home to frighten my family with false information, that I would go down to JCMC demand to speak with a supervisor to stop JCMC from harassing me and my family.
They knew( the attacks on me were premeditated) what they were doing every step along the way.
What a judge has to ask is what is the worse thing that could have happened after JCMC attacked me, trying to recover from spinal injuries on 9/30/08?
Answer: Paralysis or death. Dr. Jelnov held me as a prisoner in his locked psychiatric ward denying me access to pain management making me suffer in real physical pain while he played stupid mind games; this is the very nature of torture.
I was not "treated and released" on Thursday, 9/25/08.
I can account for all my time on that day, to wit: I spent all day in court. I won against my landlords between 4:30 and 5pm. I went home to eat dinner between 5pm and 6pm.
There was a fax sent from Jersey City Municipal Court located on Summit Ave. to JCMC about 6pm. There was no reason for this fax. I won in Judge Fast's courtroom located on Newark Ave., blocks away. I had not seen Judge Nesle Rodriquez ( in municipal court on Summit Ave. since 9/12/08).
What does my winning against my landlords on Thursday, 9/25/08 have to do with a fax sent from Judge Rodriquez's court, located blocks away from Judge Fast's court, to JCMC? Check the phone records! That fax sent JCMC on me and my family at 9:30 pm on Thursday, 9/30/08. From 6:30pm to 9:30pm I was at FedX-Kinko's in Hoboken posting evidence on the internet, on my blog. About 9:30 pm I went home to Jersey City.
At 9:30pm, after I Parked my car in Jersey City I was harassed on the street by mental health workers from JCMC.
I was not "treated and released" by JCMC on 9/25/08- that is a false statement. Witnesses saw me at my home at 278 third st., in Jersey City, telling Jersey City mobile crisis team to stop harassing me and my family. I won against my landlords. There was no eviction.

I was not "arrested and released" in Washington D.C. That is a false statement.
Who is the arresting officer? Where is the warrant? who made the complaint?
There is none!

Debra Simon has to face the following:
(a) The Hudson County Prosecutors office has been covering up federal student loan fraud by Yeshiva University, and phone calls from, then, Congressman Menendez's office can be confirmed (check the phone records, I can name names.
(b) Tracy McQaide, prosecutor, at Hudson County prosecutors office, refused to enforce a criminal court Judge's "no-contact" order issued in January 2008. Had she done so,I would not have been physically attacked at JCMC
James David has been lying about me for years, so has Scarfone.
In the 2006 Abramova case, I was named as a witness against Scarfone, David and Yeshiva University.
In that case Scarfone lied about me. I gave Debra Simon enough information during an interview (after I moved to N.Y.after 10/22/08) that she acknowledged Scarfone and Yeshiva lied about me.

From page 5 of Lidya Radin's sentencing trial. page 5

Honor,for Miriam Turkel and Vilma Kalten who were initially named on the orders of protection and were removed. These two women testified at trial and we are requesting that they be added as well

THE COURT: Mr. Redenburge.
MR. REDENBURGE: Judge, as a initial matter I am in receipt of the PSI pre sentence report.
THE DEFENDANT: I am not, I have never seen it.
MR. REDENBURGE: Judge, based on the letters I recently submitted to your honor and pursuant to the fact that Ms. Radin has a stellar professional work history, this supports the proposition that Ms. Radin can contribute socially and economically to society.
The crime that is the subject of this matter is not a crime of violence, there are no arms involved, no force applied. And remember,this is Ms. Radin's first contact with the criminal justice system in her 51 years.
The longer the sentence imposed on Ms. Radin the longer she will be supported by tax payers, the longer the sentence the lesser time for rehabilitation. Further, the longer she is incarcerated the longer the community loses her social and economic contributions.
If you impose a jail sentence, what is the most we can wish for, that she uses her obvious intelligence to forge new relationships with criminals.

From page 7 of Lidya Radin's sentencing trial. page 7

THE COURT: I have read the letter from Mr. Protogal to whom it may concern.
THE DEFENDANT: What it says, your honor, is that I applied to medical school in 1993, you have a document that says I signed a waiver in 1993, it was changed to 1999. The gist of my argument is that the medical school tampered with my evidence. I did not forge that document and you have a document from Columbia University that I signed in 1993 pursuant to my application to medical school. I tried to make a transfer application in 1997 and there was no waiver that I signed on Columbia University letterhead in 1999. The three was changed to a nine to deceive, that is the gist of my argument.
THE COURT: Okay, than I need not hear anymore.
Are you finished?
What else would you like to say?
THE COURT: Not you, your lawyer.
What else Mr. Redenburge?
MR.REDENBURGE: Judge I am having a hard time communicating with you because Ms. Radin wants to see something. I don't know if your honor would like me to address you or Ms. Radin?
THE COURT: I am simply trying to do it the way..

These two pages were hand-delivered to Gerald J. DiChiara 212 679 1958 and to Wiley Deck of Cogressman John Mica's office.

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No excuse mistakes

From covering-up Federal Student Loan to premeditated murder.
Criminal case docket no: 2009-NY-048859

Question: What is the evidence that Michael Redenburg deliberately kept evidence off-the-record, to intentionally create a false court record at trial, to railroad me into jail?
Answer: the evidence in his opening statements, at trial, pages 27-29
For example, on page 28, Redenburg says the harassment charges are bogus because numerous individuals instructed me to contact ADA Spiro's complaining witnesses.
Yet,he refused to present the following evidence to back-up his statement. To wit,
(1) Chairman Ames ( I think I mis-spelled his name here and I'll have to double check) told me to go talk to John Scarfone.
It is not harassment when the Chairman of a department instructs me to contact Scarfone.

(2) Senator Lautenburg's office told me to contact Yeshiva University officials, like Scarfone directly.
I have a letter from Senator Lautenburg's to me stating so, that I submitted as part of my motion to dismiss that Mr. Redenburg refused to use at trial. He refused to confront the complaining witnesses against me with this letter: How is it harassing when a U.S.Senator tells her to contact you directly because they find you "all too annoying?"

(3) Judge Patterson told my Mother to contact Yeshiva University directly.
Mr. Redenburg turned witnesses away-he refused to call my Mother as a witness,at trial. he refused to call Robert Cross as a witness, at trial.
He refused to call any other witnesses to Judge Patterson's exchange with my Mother and Robert Cross like security guards who threatened my Mother with arrest.
He refused to confirm that security guards were called to intimidate my Mother by checking phone records.
He refused to present at trial Judge Patterson's, mine, and Riesel's letters/communications/documents that show Judge Patterson told us to contact Yeshiva University directly.
It is not harassement when a Federal Judge tells us to contact school officials directly.
Not incidentally, it is really sick for doctors like Chairman Ames to send me to talk to John Scarfone, the attorney who lied about in Federal Court.

Page 27: "Redenburg: the criminal charges which have been lodged against Ms. Radin represent retaliatory actions taken by the complaining witnesses in this case".
Redenburg failed and/ or refused to bring out the retaliatory motive of all the complaining witnesses. Judge McLaughlin ignored evidence. to wit:
(1) See page 75, Daw, reading into the record the language of the adhesion contract that was demanded of me and not of Marlen Abramova, for example: " I hereby release from liability and hold harmless the evaluating psychiatrist,initial caps, the committee of student promotions,end caps and staff and faculty of A-E-C-O-M, which I understood to be Albert Einstein, and all acts and omissions in connection with this administrative psychiatric evaluation".

Redenburg did not bring out the fact that Olson, David and Reishgott sat on my promotions committee and that by refusing to sign this contract, I refused to release them from liability in my case so that they had and have a retaliatory motive in pressing false criminal charges against me.
But even so, because Olson, David, Reishgott,Reisel, and Scarfone are "staff and faculty" at Einstein, Judge McLaughlin had enough evidence on-the-record to find me not guilty, because the complaining witnesses against me have a retaliatory motive.
More evidence that redenburg refused to bring out at trial.
The complaining witnesses quoted/cited the complaining witnesses acting in concert with ADA Spiro cited to my federal civil case,but, Redenburg refused to cite other federal civil cases to vindicate me.
For example, in the 2006 Marlen Abramova case, I was named as a witness against John Scarfone, and, in a sworn affidavit.

Monday, May 31, 2010

short list-no excuse mistakes

Brief statement of the case: From covering-up Federal Student loan fraud to attempted murder.

Dr. David and my medical school stalked,harassed, and defamed me for years,telling lawyers not to take my case,telling people not to help me,not to listen to me,defaming me as some sort of deranged terrorist,to discredit me and to cover-up their participation in federal student loan fraud involving me,and other witnesses who came forward,Mike Tyberg.
Ultimately,their covering up for federal student loan fraud lead to attempted murder,an assault that would have left me dead.
Ultimately,covering federal student loan fraud lead to a physical assault on me,a physical assault that lead to making my spinal injuries worse so that I am disabled,and, a physical assault that could have resulted in my being paralyzed or dead.
ADA Spiro has a case for attempted murder as well as federal student loan fraud.
Redenburg covered up attempted murder and federal student loan fraud.

I have certified photocopies of my medical records from Jersey City Medical Center that Redenburg refused to place on the record,refused to enter into evidence in this case,because to do so would vindicate me and discredit Dr.Jelnov and my medical school among others.
Dr. Jelnov lied to discredit me.
He claimed I was "delusional" in part,because I believed that there was contact between my landlord tenant case in New Jersey and my federal case in New York.
There is!
In this case, Scarfone admitted in his affidavit that he spoke with Asaf Rosenheim on 9/18/08 days before my false inprisionment on 9/30/08 at JCMC.
Asfa Rosenheim was a witness against me in a land-lord tenant case in Jersey City handled by Nino Falcone;he has reasons to lie about me.
There are a number of different ways I can demonstrate connections between land lord tenant case(s) in New Jersey and my federal case(s) in New York that include federal student loan fraud;because my credit rating has the black mark of a defaulted student loan,it is very difficult for me to pass a credit check or a background check making it difficult for me to move to get a new apartment as I explained to my landlord in New Jersey. My landlord knew that my medical school lied to steal money from me and Mike Tyberg. I explained the details to him before he started a number of frivolous eviction proceedings against me in early 2007.

Long list-see short list.
To take 5 classes,unlike other "full time" students who were taking 12 to 14 classes in the pre-clinical academic program. For the federal prosecutor,in November 2010- see also,list of questions,line of questioning for ADA Spiro, on pages 24-32 of Wednesday 19 May 2010,letter to Judge McLaughlin, an effort to expand and correct the record. I was not a "full time student during 1995 to 1996.
Also my attorney deliberately left off the record a statue from the C.F.R.that stated explicitly that when a school takes on significant loan making duties,as did my medical school,then,if there is a question about the loan,as here the student/borrower's word is to be believed not the school's.
See page 340 transcript: the court: Well, I remember distinctly sustaining the same objection earlier this morning and the long explanation that incorporated the dichotomy between normal usage of full time student and Albert Einstein's usage of a full time student.
Bogus! Fabricated,made up, not as per C.F.R.

In this case,Redenburg covered up for attempted murder and federal student loan fraud.
See transcript,page 223:"defendant: I would like a subpoena to enter my medical records from Jersey City Medical Center. They are hard copies waiting in the directors office they can be provided immediately."
The director of medical records at JCMC,Bryna Kiesner,has hard copies of my medical records locked in her office,in preparation for this trial,that you can call JCMC to confirm.
Those records and Scarfone's affidavit in this case discredit Dr. Jelnov and vindicate me; Redenburg deliberately kept those records out of this case, to hurt me and to cover up for JCMC and Scarfone/Yeshiva.
Judge McLaughlin was willing to sign a subpoena to get my medical records.
He did not cal Mike Tyberg, another victim of federal student loan fraud,same scam.
Judge McLaughlin was willing to enter ALL my you tube videos into evidence. Redenburg refused to do so.

From JCMC, and to have the director of medical records,Bryna Kiesner, bring them to court and to certify/authenticate them for trial, to vindicate me as not "delusional" and to discredit Dr. Jelnov.
Vindicating me as not "delusional" by this example directly undermines David's testimony against me as delusional,see transcript, page 327..."I mean it's a case study in delusional paranoia." Note David's testimony is mis-labeled as "bogus" on pages 313 to 330.
Judge McLaughlin was willing to sign a subpoena to get my medical records from JCMC, and to have the director of medical records, Bryna Kiesner, bring them to court and certify them for this trial, see transcript, page 222: "If you and your lawyer want me to sign a subpoena, and if you want to go through the interstate agreement on subpoenas, I'm not guaranteeing you that at Monday afternoon at twenty five minutes of five that the witnesses will be here or that litigation eventually will be over with by the time of the trial's conclusion, but I'll be glad too sign a subpoena right now or tomorrow morning". See transcript page 222.
Redenburg refused to call out of state witnesses that would have vindicated me; for example JCMC's employee, Stacy Dix-Kielbiowski, falsely accused me of mailing threatening letters to Judge Nesle A. Rodriquez,as a pretext to falsely imprison me from 9/30/08 to 10/3/08, and to cause a physical assault on 9/30/08 that almost left me dead. Dix-Kielbiowski and all principal actors in Jersey City were in contact with Scarfone/Yeshiva, on, at least, 9/18/08 as per his affidavit in this case.
Redenburg refused to put Judge Nesle A. Rodriquez on the stand and demand that she produce the threatening letters and the post marked envelopes; she cannot produce these because they do not exist.
Redenburg refused to put Stacy Dix- Kielbiowski on the stand to admit that these letters do not exist; she lied.
Redenburg refused to put Debra Simon, a prosecutor from the Hudson County prosecutor's office, on the stand to admit that these letters do not exist; Dix-Kielbiowski lied, and she will point the finger at Nino Falcone.
Redenburg refused to put Dr. Jelnov on the stand to admit that I was not "delusional" that there was contact between my landlord tenant case(s) in Jersey City and my federal case(s) against Yeshiva in New York.
Redenburg refused to enter certified photocopies of my medical records from JCMC into evidence in this criminal trial to show that threatening letters from me to Judge Rodriquez do not exist.

Certified photocopies of my medical records from JCMC with Scarfone's admission of guilt in this trial (there was contact between my landlord tenant case in New York via Scarfone to Rosenheim) would have vindicated me and discredited DR.Jelnov.

Redenburg refused to put Lawrence Sidoni, lawyer in my landlord tenant case, on the stand as evidence that my medical school was stalking me: " Her diagnosis was never explained to her". There was no diagnosis,my medical school lied; see Daw's letter from August 2008 which states that he represented me for almost six years, no one said anything to him about there being something wrong with me, and even now, he says there is nothing wrong with her, her school is lying.

Redenburg refused to authenticate Daw's letter, while Daw was on the witness stand.His purpose was to keep evidence off the record to hurt me and cover up crimes.

Mr. Redenburg makes himself look stupid when he presents the Daw letter at sentencing because the first question that should be asked is why didn't you enter this letter into evidence at trial. The answer to this question shows a dirty lawyer trick a la Nino Falcone
I protested taking Daw out of turn, as my defense witness.
I wanted Daw to testify after the prosecution's witnesses had testified, especially after David had testified.
David tried to testify that I was mentally ill.
Had Daw been presented after David testified, I could have used Daw's testimony and his letter to rebut David's testimony, that there is nothing wrong with me.

Daw was taken out of turn deliberately, as a dirty lawyer trick, to deny me this opportunity to expand and correct the record with Daw's testimony and August 2008 letter

Nino Falcone pulled this dirty trick on me during my landlord tenant case in New Jersey, I explained this to Mr. Redenburg, told him explicitly that I would not agree to taking witnesses out of turn because that was just a dirty trick that was used to hurt me in the past and that I would not agree to be victimized like that again.
Mr. Redenburg refused to respect my wishes, allowed me to come to harm demonstrated ineffective assistance of council, obstruction of justice and legal malpractice.
Moreover, by presenting the Daw letter at sentencing he made a fool out of himself.
By this example, Judge McLaughlin demonstrated that it was more important to railroad me into prison than it was to wait a short amount of time for Daw to return from his trip to Europe, and to testify in turn; Judge McLaughlin demonstrated that it was more important to railroad me than to give me a full and fair opportunity to hear the arguments against me and prepare a defense.

With more examples like this I can demonstrate Judge McLaughlin inflicted malicious harm on me and my family.
Redenburg turned witnesses away. Robert Cross and Ozana Radin wanted to testify; they were turned away.

There was a police report and a police officer that could have been called to testify to how my medical school and individuals associated with my school stalked, harassed, and defamed me for years, but Mr. Redenburg refused to call them as defense witnesses.
Mr. Redenburg deliberately tried to make my case look like the Marlen Abramova case, to deceive. The Abramova case came down to Marlen Abramova's testimony against Todd Olson's testimony. My case is not like Marlen Abramova's. I have a lot of different kinds of evidence to fully supp rt my testimony.

My case is not a he said/ she said case.
This is how the propaganda works. Yeshiva's dishonest doctors and lawyers try to confuse the details of different cases to mislead.

See transcript, page212: "I was physically assaulted in Jersey City because I was called a terrorist"
My intentionally falsified records from JCMC support my testimony. The screening document that Michael S. Stewart, MD, a dishonest psychiatrist, created on 9/30/08 stated that I threatened to blow up schools in Washington- who told him that? Nino Falcone.

Short list no mistakes-genuine, not "delusional"
Redenburg refused to confirm the IPS addresses of emails I received from West Point and the Pentagonto help authenticate them, to counter David's allegations that my blogs a "delusional system"; They are in fact real and genuine.See transcript, David, page 327: " I mean, it's a case study in delusional paranoia" Note-David's testimony is mis-labled as "bogen" on pages 313 to 330.
This discredits David's DX, diagnosis. My blogs are genuine, and I can publish, thia is my first amendment right to free speach and freedom of expression and to protect my life and other witnesses.
Redenburg refused to obtain voluntary, official cooperation from Col.Joseph Fetterman, an attorney licensed to practice in New York State and legal council to Adm.Mullen, chairman,Joint Chiefs of Staff, for confirmation of IPS addresses to confirm emails I received from West Point and the Pentagon, to obtain voluntary, official cooperation from alibi-witnesses in the military(like Col. Kevin Reilly at Ft. Knox, and Jeff Cox, at the Pentagon) to counter John Scarfone's accusation that I was harassing his family at his home in Malverne, N.Y. on 9/23/08 in the early morning, to counter accusations that I was a terrorist, threatening to blow up schools in Washington D.C..
My letters of recommendation to medical schools in 1993 characterize me as having performed "beyond the call of duty" on Walter Reed Army research Institute letterhead stationary; my letters of recommendation from the U.S.Senator Daniel Moynihan,my letters refute the characterization of me as a terrorist in Jersey City. I have the right to obtain and publish these to protect my life.
See transcript,page 212: "I was physically assaulted in Jersey City because I was called a terrorist.

Redenburg refused to get voluntary, official cooperation with Col. Fetterman to show that I walked freely about West Point and Ft. Knox,that I would never been allowed this kind of unfettered access to official military installations if I were some sort of deranged terrorist (as characterized by JCMC), that there is hard evidence of me passing through security at West Point and Ft.Knox (log-books,pictures, I used my cell phone that "pinged"off towers), that i met with with Major Maddox, that I came up to West point twice, once without an appointment and walked around freely.I would never have been allowed this kind of access if I was some sort of deranged terrorist--that I have a compelling need to access and publish my letters of recommendation to counter allegations by JCMC that I am a Terrorist when I am not, to protect myself against threats by Dr. Jelnov at JCMC.

Redenburg refused to get voluntary, official cooperation from Col. Fetterman to help me get witness statements from Major Maddox, Jeff Cox, Col. Kevin Reilly, Lt. Col. Wardle, Col. to confirm my story and authenticate my blogs; my blogs are not a "delusional system".
Dr. David is a complaining witness against me who has a number of reasons to lie about me. He has a retaliatory motive.

Redenburg refused to put into evidence the statute from the C.F.R. that says in order to be characterized as a "full-time" student during the academic year 1995-1996, I must be doing what all other "full-time" students are doing. I was not.

Exculpatory evidence-
-Redenburg/ADA Spiro did not obtain memos released by the school in the Padiyar case, memos which show David commited perjury, that when David was Dean for students he initialed/he signed memos which demonstrate David and the school knew the difference between "full- time" and "part-time" students and that also underscore the fact that Reishgott lied on the witness stand, to wit, 5 classes do not make a full time program in 1995 to 1996. These memos were released in the Jeevan Padiyar case by the school to Padiyar's attorney, one of whom, Tom Shanahan, has a good reputation, as an ethical attorney.

Bogus Ruling:
Judge Mclaughlin fabricated a ruling, see transcript page 340:
"The court: Well, I remember distinctly sustaining the same objection earlier this morning and the long explanation that incorporated the dichotomy between normal usage of a full-time student and Albert Einstein's usage of a full time student status and deciding that it was impossible to answer it remains so".
Wrong! One statute of the C.F.R. explicitly says in order for me to be classified as a " full-time" student in 1995 to 1996, I must be taking the same number of classes as all other "full-time" students,to wit, 12 to 14 classes.

Judge McLaughlin legislated from the bench. he completely ignored the law, and wholesale, unilaterally repeated laws, statutes from the C.F.R. from the bench, to help Yeshiva University steal money.

Memos released by school in Jeevan Padiyar case underscore the fact that David lied on the stand, see transcript page 338; Box 21 on the promissory note has 2 boxes, one foe "full-time", one for"part-time".

The autherized school official, Mr. Greenberg,to check to report my eligibility to borrow in the Stafford, federal student loan program:
Page 338, "Whether you were taking eight courses or one course or a clinical clerkship, which is sort of a block schedule or whether you were, there was no box to check in the structure of the registrar's office or the student finance office where somebody was a part- time student"

Perjury by David reflected in the memos released by school in Padiyar case; these memos show David and the school knew the difference between "full-time' and "part-time' students and that they lied.

David mixes apples and oranges to confuse. There is a difference between the pre-clinical curriculum that is largely just like taking classes in college. The C.F.R. lets a school define a "full- time" program as any number of classes that aschool wants, for example a "full-time" student could take 12 classes or the school could define a "full-time" student as a person who takes 14 classes during the academic year. However, once the school sets this standard, it is bound by it. My school defined "full-time" students in the pre-clinical program as students who took 12to14 classes during the academic year. In order for me to be classified as a "full-time' student,box 21 on my promissory note wherein my eligibilty to borrow is reported, in 1995 to 1996, I must be doing what all other "full-time" students are doing. I must be taking the same number of classes as other "full-time" students. In order for me to be classified as "full-time" I would have to take between12 and 14 classes too, according to the C.F.R. which is controlling. It is irrelevant what internal classifications Einstein invents. In order to borrow money in the Stafford student loan program as a "full-time" student, I have to be taking 12 to 14 classes in 1995 to 1996.

I did not.
At the start of the 1995 to 1996 academic year I was ordered by my Dean of students, Reishgott, and my promotions committee, to take less than 12 to 14 classes, to take less than the number of classes that other "full-time" students were taking.
I was told to take 5 classes.
Ultimately, Einstein cancelled 2 classes.
The 3 classes I took, 2 minor classes and 1 major (embrology genetics and biochemistry) was not enough to establish my eligibility to borrow in the Stafford federal loan program.
Iwas not eligibile to receive a state tap grant or a federal pell grant either; the fact that my school lied to say I was a "full-time" student to get these grants demonstrates criminal intent.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

no excuse mistakes

No excuse mistakes.
Todd Olson does not testify/ and hearsay.
Scarfone pg.197.
A: "Mr. Riesel told me"- Redenburg did not object: HEARSAY!
A:"My wife told me"
-Redenburg did not object: HEARSAY!
Todd Olson, a complaining witness, did not show up.
-Redenburg did not protest that any and all complaints including Todd Olson should be dismissed. This is a huge mistake
-So instead Judge Mclaughlin, and my attorney, Mr. Redenburg go along with hearsay in Scarfone-people direct pg.169.
A:Dr. Olson told me- Redenburg did not object, HEARSAY!
A: He also told me- Redenburg did not object, HEARSAY!

No excuse mistakes, witnesses.
Todd Olson-did not show up. All complaints including him should have been dismissed.
Daw-deliberately taken-out-of-turn against my protests so David and Reishgott could lie.
-I told Mr. Redenburg that this was a dirty lawyer trick a la Nino Falcone,and that I did not agree to this. It was more important to railroad me quickly than to wait until Daw got back from vacation. Redenburg did not say no!
No excuse witnesses.
Det. Colon
Stipulations: Redenburg refused to call witnesses.
-Rennie Redenburg turned witnesses away
Calling me as the sole defense witness was a deliberate propaganda technique to make my case look like Marlen Abramova case.

OLson- did not show up-all charges including him must be dismissed because I have the right to confront my accuser.
Riesel,pg.126 No first-hand knowledge-he admits
-He testifies based on hearsay-he ignores facts and law. Page 126 "no first hand knowledge"
Scarfone-He admits to no first hand knowledge, pg.144
-He testifies based on a false record and on hearsay. He started working at Yeshiva in 1999. I was there from 1994-1998.
Riesel and Scarfone are pointing their fingers at Martin Bockstein, see pg.355"an individual from the office of council...".
Reishgott--Perjury:he has a retaliatory motive; I refused to sign a contract releasing him from liability.
David--Perjury; he has a retaliatory motive; I refused to sign a contract releasing him from liability.

(5b) No excuse witnesses.
-Al ADA Spiro's complaining witnesses have a retaliatory motive against me:
(1) I refused to sign a contract releasing them from liability in my case, unlike Marlen Abramova, who was in a directly analogous situation and was not required to sign a contract releasing Yeshiva University and it's promotions committee from liability.
Olson, Reishgott and David were on my promotions committee(as was Janice Bennet, now at Columbia University)
(ii) In other student's cases, I was named as a witness against them,(iii)they are directly responsible for Federal Student Loan fraud, a criminal scheme,(iv) I am the forth student that they tried to discredit as a potential witness by lying, trying to say that there is something wrong with me when there is not,(v) I took David to task regarding his handling of the 2006 Abramova case, and David was my adversary during the October 1997 meeting.

No excuse mistakes

No excuse mistakes--brief summary examples

(1) Judge McLaughlin admitted Scarfone lied-no certification/no records pgs.190,198,336
(2)Pg.197-hearsay,Todd Olson did not show up,so Scarfone testified for him,illegally,pg. 169 hearsay.
(3) No records in Federal Court:Scarfone lied, pgs.190,198,336.
(4) Youtube videos,merits,not procedure-see Riesel's testimony,he argues procedure, not merits of Federal case.All ADA Spiro's complaining witnesses have a retaliatory motives; I was named as a witness against them.
(5)Witnesses: Olson does not show up-illegal.
Daw, taken out of turn-trick
Riesel- no first hand knowledge p. 126
Scarfone-No first hand knowledge p.144
Riesel and Scarfone point the finger at Martin Bockstein, p.355
Reishgott and David committed perjury and have retaliatory motives.
Judge Mclaughlin made a finding that Scarfone lied on the witness stand--there is no certification for my records.
I asked repeatedly to have my complete-unedited records provided to me in front of lots of witnesses,that we could go through page by page to confirm, to put Tris issue to rest, and repeatedly my school has tried every dirty trick in order not to do this,including having some judge,like Judge Simpson,do an inspection of my records without me being present. How would Judge Simpson know if she is looking at a false record or not? She does not know any of the facts in my case.
Example of false record--As an example,Yeshiva tampered with a document from Columbia University. Yeshiva changed the date on a form,changed the "3"in the date 1993 to look like a "9" to make it appear that I waived my rights to see my letters of recommendation in 199"9" when that is a lie
Gist of complaint-the gist of my complaint is that Yeshiva tampered with my records,that Yeshiva created false records to lie about me and my past.We witnessed this happening in this case
How would Judge Simpson know if my records were accurate or not? She never checked the facts with me,as demonstrated by this example.
Judge Mclaughlin made a finding that the school lied,to wit:
Scarfone,pg.190:"She's claimed for years in no matter what forum we provide certified records that have always been altered,edited,something's wrong with them"
Scarfone,pg.198: "We produced in Federal Court during her litigation and we produced in response to this court's subpoena certified copies of her educational records" Nope! show me
David,pg.336:Judge Mclauglin admitted the school lied!
The court:" There is no certification"
-Redenburg does not object--show me how the school produced in the Federal litigation---show me--- how the school produced in this trial--they cannot. They lied
-There is no proof that I got my complete -unedited records, ever!